Othila is a homepage that you can customize to your liking. Click the settings icon on the right to start changing the page. Changes will be stored in the browser as Local Storage elements so you won't lose your changes unless you clear your browser data.

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Page customization


Insert an image link to change the background picture...
- will be cropped to fit

...or choose one of the preselected pictures.
Last choice will display a random image from Unsplash.com on every page load.

  Website quicklink

Insert a website URL to get a quicklink icon for it.
- draggable, editable name

Lock links in place
Show stickynote
Show textbox

- draggable, shown only when page is fullscreen

Show searchbar
Focus searchbar on page load

- draggable vertically

Show time Show date

- draggable vertically


Choose one of the news websites or insert a new RSS URL to show the feed.
- draggable, shown only when page is fullscreen


- To display this page when opening a new tab you have to add an extension to your browser: Chrome, Firefox

- Site uses browsers local storage instead of a database to save your customization changes. No account for the site is thus needed, but clearing you browsers local storage will also reset your changes.

- Site is currently made compatible with Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers and mobile screens might have issues.

E-mail: contact@othila.online